Image of Highland Lover (Scottish Knights)


Image of Highland Lover (Scottish Knights)

The last of the Scottish Knights trilogy is Scott’s reward to her fans. The exquisite, yet subtle portrayal of her characters, coupled with their budding romance, hastens the reader’s emotional involvement with the novel. Excellent melding of historical events and people into the sensuous love story greatly enhances an excellent read.

Recently wed, Alyson MacGillivray accompanies her husband on a sea voyage. She is startled to recognize Jamie Stewart, the young future king, who is being smuggled to France for his safety. When the ship is attacked by pirates, Jamie and her husband are taken hostage. Alyson and the others are left to drown on the sinking ship. Captain Jake Maxwell has been secretly following the ship and rescues the survivors. Reaching safety in Scotland they learn the British pirates were employed to capture Jamie. During their travails, attempting to reach the king, they see her husband killed; meanwhile their affection and respect for each other blossoms. Alyson cannot ignore her feelings for Jake when he again rescues her from death. Now all that stands in their way is his mission for the king. Somehow Alyson and Jake must find a way to be together. (FOREVER, Apr., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin