Image of Highland Magic: Book Three in the Highlands Trilogy


Image of Highland Magic: Book Three in the Highlands Trilogy

The final installment of Saxon’s Highland trilogy has all that fans have come to expect — a lush, detailed setting, a large cast of characters and a wealth of emotional plotlines. The subtlety and complexity of her leading characters make this the richest book of the series, and a secondary love story adds a great deal of charm. Though the bond between the main characters is intense and engrossing, the early part of their relationship feels rushed and lacks some tension, making the later drama more difficult to sustain. Nevertheless, this is a winning finale to a very engaging series.

Desperate to escape her wedding to a brutal Norman, Branwenn Maclean flees his Highland castle, only to be shipwrecked near her brother’s lands. Hiding from her family, Branwenn is shocked when Callum MacGregor literally drops into her hiding place in desperate need of help. Branwenn and Callum have long infuriated — and enthralled — each other, and that infatuation quickly flares into passion. Will they overcome their fears and embrace their love before the man Branwenn scorned finds her and demands revenge? (KESAXON.COM, Oct., 458 pp., $15.49)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown