Image of Highland Master (The Murrays)


Image of Highland Master (The Murrays)

Few authors write about Medieval Scotland like Howell. Readers can depend on the Murrays to brings mayhem, adventure, passion and pleasure and count on Howell for a fast pace, wonderful characters and a colorful backdrop. Howell fans will rejoice and cheer as another Murray finds love.

Lady Triona McKee is having trouble with her neighbor, Sir John Grant. Most of her garrison left for France two years ago to earn money and haven’t been heard from since. It is an answer to her prayers when her cousin arrives with her Highland warriors. Triona hopes they will train her remaining men. But it isn’t long before more problems arise, and she can’t hide the truth from Brett Murray. An honorable knight, Brett has vowed to protect those needing his help — and the lovely widow needs him to save her from Sir John. Triona is attracted to Brett and decides to grab the passion he offers. Sir John is determined to possess Triona and only Brett can rescue her, but will that be enough to unite them? (ZEBRA, Dec., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager