When her twin sister and husband die, leaving behind a young son, Betha Drummond is there to take care of her nephew, James. When their lives are threatened, she takes him and flees.

On her journey to her home she encounters Sir Eric Murray, who agrees to escort them. Their trip is fraught with danger as their enemies pursue them.

During their time together, an attraction grows between Eric and Betha. But living in her sisters shadow has filled Betha with doubts about her true worth, thus she cannot believe Eric could fall in love with her.

When he is injured, Betha cares for him and realizes that she loves him. Found by her family in a compromising situation, they are forced to wed, but Eric must continue on to gain the lands entitled to him at birth.

Doubts and uncertainties plague both Betha and Eric, threatening to tear them apart. Eric tries to protect Betha and James while he fights for his lands.

They must find a way for their love to survive not only the danger from others, but their own insecurities.

HIGHLAND PROMISE is the third story about the Murray brothers. In typical Hannah Howell fashion, this tale is filled with adventure. Her warriors show not only tenderness, but a sense of honor. Those who enjoy Ms. Howells exuberant writing style and a well- drawn Scottish setting should not miss HIGHLAND PROMISE. SENSUAL (July, 346 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager