Image of Highland Protector (Murray Family, Book 12)


Image of Highland Protector (Murray Family, Book 12)

Howell’s latest novel features another smart, strong and stubborn heroine who’s able to deal with the political intrigues as well as with inner battles. She brings members of the Murray clan from past books, including the heroine’s parents from Highland Vow, into the story.

Ilsabeth Armstrong overhears her betrothed discussing a plot to overthrow King James III and frame her for the murder of the king’s cousin. She runs to Sir Simon Innes, who’s known as the king’s hound, a man to ferret out the truth no matter what. He decides that he will keep her under his roof until he finds the truth. With the king’s guards hunting for her, Ilsabeth’s penchant for trouble, and two orphans, Simon’s quiet home is thrown into turmoil. Add their undeniable attraction to one another and Simon’s job becomes complicated. When Ilsabeth is arrested, it is up to Simon to put an end to things and expose the traitor. But can he convince Ilsabeth of his love or will their stubbornness keep them apart? (ZEBRA, Dec., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager