The last thing Claire Brancaster Talbot expects to discover about her sister's suitor is that he's her long-lost secret heartthrob, Ewan Geddes. Gone is the shy, gangly servant who disappeared from their Highland estate 10 years before. Now a wealthy head of a rival shipbuilding company, Ewan challenges Claire's well-ordered world and her certainty that she will never find love.

On the verge of obtaining his one true dream, Tessa, Ewan's heart begins to insist she may be the wrong Talbot for him. When Claire and Ewan end up alone at the old Scottish estate, sparks fly between them, first in outright antagonism, then in forbidden passion. There will be no peace until a decades-old secret is revealed.

This is an updated classic with timeless characters and well-developed humor. But since Claire's the sole proprietor of a world-class shipbuilding company, readers may find her timid behavior with her sister a bit puzzling. Still, this is a fine weekend read. SWEET (Oct., 300 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black