Image of Highland Savage


Image of Highland Savage

The Murray boys are at it again.
Howell's readers know that they're lovers and not fighters, but when they decide to fight, watch out! Fans of her Murray family stories will not be disappointed. This one's about Lucas Murray, the twin brother of Artan from Highland Barbarian, and though the pacing is a bit slow, readers will thoroughly enjoy catching up with the clan.

After a long recovery from a beating and fall that should have killed him, Lucas returns for revenge against Katerina of Dunlochan, the woman he believes is behind his near death.

When he learns that Kat is dead he feels cheated -- until he hears she went over the same cliff he did and sets out to find her. Kat believes Lucas is dead. After all, she saw him being thrown from the cliff. Meanwhile, her half-sister Agnes and her lover, Ranald, are running her home, Dunlochan, and its people into the ground. Together Kat and Lucas plan to save Dunlochan, and their attraction blossoms even as the villains plot to kill them -- this time for keeps. (Zebra, May, 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager