Image of Highland Scandal (Scandalous)


Image of Highland Scandal (Scandalous)

London creates magic with another delicious, scandalous book about a sardonic hero and a strong-willed heroine whose battle of wills rages across the Highlands. It's the strong storylines
and captivating characters that bring London's books to life and leave her
fans begging for more.

Jack Haines, the Earl of Lambourne, accused of having an affair with the Princess of Wales, flees to Scotland, where he's captured by Laird Carson Beal. The laird gives him a choice: Either be handfasted -- married for a year and a day -- to Beal's niece, Lizzie, or be returned to the British.

Jack chooses life and believes the lovely Lizzie will be an ideal wife. But she's independent and wants nothing to do with her "husband." Her concern is for her crippled sister and their home. Their first night and days of marriage are awkward. Lizzie fights for control and Jack struggles against his rising desire. But slowly they form an alliance and a fragile trust when Jack helps Lizzie uncover the reasons behind Beal's plot to steal her land. But Jack must return to London and prove his innocence before he can truly claim Lizzie. (POCKET, May, 370 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin