Image of Highland Scoundrel: A Novel (Campbell Trilogy)


Image of Highland Scoundrel: A Novel (Campbell Trilogy)

Told in the present and through flashbacks, the conclusion to McCarty's Highland trilogy is a fast-moving,
emotionally intense and heart-wrenching love story filled with unexpected twists and a romance to make your heart sing.

Duncan Campbell, the laird's illegitimate son, and Jeannie Grant, the marchioness' granddaughter, fall in love and plan to wed when Duncan is called to fight against the British. When the Scots are betrayed, the battle becomes a killing field, and Duncan, cast as the traitor, flees to France after learning both his father and Jeannie's grandmother will not sanction their marriage.

For 10 years Duncan is known as the Black Highlander, an honorable mercenary and fearless warrior. Though a condemned man, he returns home to find Jeannie and clear his name. He and Jeannie rekindle their love, and clan leader Archie the Grim believes in Duncan's innocence, but he must unmask the traitor. As the truth is slowly revealed and the lovers find power in their bond, a new world opens, allowing them to defeat their foes. (BALLANTINE, Apr., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin