Rory Campbell, Lord Calder, paid little attention to the castle dairymaid when the first prisoner escaped. He caught on quick with the second breakout.

Unfortunately for him, a harried moment places him in her debt and he can not, in good conscience, turn the little minx over to be imprisoned.

Diane MacLean brazenly liberates her mother and cousin from the clutches of the evil Campbells. She is very wary of Rory, but challenges him at every turn.

The two clash often, even as desire springs between them. But conspiracies, vicious politics and murder keep them at arms length most of the time. And Diane finds it very hard to trust the man she loves not to betray her or her family.

Book two in the Highland Series is the story of a pair of lovers who must learn to trust before learning to love and heal. HIGHLAND SECRETS starts off with a bang, but loses momentum as the action slows and the conflict falters. Still, fans of the series and of the Highlands will find Ms. Scott's latest to their liking. SENSUAL (Oct., 380 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer