The Earl of Kintyre, Michael Mingary, is burdened with heavy debts that need to be settled quickly. He tries to arrange a betrothal between his sister and the MacCrichton heir, but obstacles arise from every fronta spurned suitor for his sisters hand, his sisters tantrums, the prospective bridegrooms indifference and the grooms over-protective sister.

Penelope MacCrichton thinks her brother is too young to marry, and so offers herself in her brothers place. She finds Michael fascinating, as he is the living embodiment of the ghost warrior Penelope has dreamt about for years.

The newlyweds are determined to make their marriage work, but there is a greedy villain out to destroy their happiness and their new-found family.

Rich narrative and outstanding historical details bring this Georgian era tale to life. Unfortunately, ghosts, madmen and smugglers cannot save Scotts latest addition to her Highland series. The slow set-up (the characters dont even meet for almost 100 pages!) allows the secondary characters to steal the show. Still, fans of Ms. Scott will enjoy this diversion. (Oct., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer