Amidst conflict, controversy and war, a powerful love story flourishes from book one of the Highlands trilogy and lovers of romance will be elated. Saxon’s vision is impeccable, and it’s blatantly obvious she did plenty of research before she penned this saga. The backdrop of the Highlands is described with such fine detail, one can almost feel the warmth from the stoked fire crackling in the hearth and smell the fresh bannock cakes and trenchers of mutton. History buffs and fans of passion and adventure alike will embrace this novel and will be eager to grab book two.

Daniel MacLaurin becomes laird at a young age, after the gruesome discovery of his slaughtered family. He vows to his godfather, the only remaining member of his clan, that he will stop at nothing to become the greatest warrior in the land. Daniel spends years focusing on training. Free-spirited Maryn Donald gets into some trouble and, to prevent war, she is ordered to wed the almighty Laird MacLaurin. Their attraction for each other is instantaneous, but learning to love is a challenge. Aryn just may be the one who can finally help Daniel find peace. (KESAXON.COM, May ‘12, 592 pp., $17.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi