When nine-year-old Elspeth Murray finds a wounded lad in the woods, she is determined to save himdespite his warnings that to aid him would be dangerous for her clan. When his health returns, Cormac Armstrong leaves, tucking the memories of Elspeth away in his heart.

Ten years pass before he again meets beautiful, fiery and passionate Elspeth held captive by the twisted and controlling Sir Colin, who plans to force her into marriage.

Out of honor for saving his life and feelings he cannot explain, Cormac spirits Elspeth away, thus beginning a journey of the heart he never dreamed possible.

Try as he may, Cormac cannot deny his burning desire and tender feelings for Elspeth, but he is honor-bound to marry Lady Isabel. Elspeth, who has secretly loved him for years, knows she must save Cormac from the clutches of the devious Lady Isabel by giving him all her love, heart and soul.

HIGHLAND VOW is a heartwarming tale to while away a summers evening. With multi-dimensional characters, a well-developed feel for time and place, and a vibrant voice, Ms. Howell holds your interest until the end. SENSUAL (Jun., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor