Fiona MacEnroy is fleeing her ruthless suitor, Menzies, when she is surrounded by Ewan MacFingal and his men. Instead of fearing him, she feels a strong attraction.

Ewan must safeguard his people from their enemy and cannot allow his longing for Fiona to weaken his resolve. He just doesn't count on the power of Fiona's love to save them from their foes and the past.

Meanwhile, Menzies is hunting Fiona, clan rivalries loom, a young boy's welfare is at stake and old enemies wait to strike. But nothing can deter these dynamic lovers from finding happiness.

The pages fly as you become caught up in Howell's latest exciting adventure. There are escapades and sizzling love scenes to keep every reader satisfied and yearning for Howell's next Highland adventure. SENSUAL (May, 337 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin