Image of Highland Warrior


Image of Highland Warrior

Mason delivers exactly what her fans expect by creating a world filled with adventure, sensuality, history and characters whose biting verbal repartee keeps her fast-paced plot flying. This
is a one-night read that truly satisfies.

Two clans, the MacKays and the MacKennas, have been feuding for years, making it possible for two warriors to come to blows on the battlefield and in the bedroom. In the midst of battle, Laird Ross MacKenna is attacked, but he doesn't fight back when he realizes his attacker is a woman. Laird MacKay approaches MacKenna with a way to end the feud: marry his daughter Gillian, the spitfire who wanted to kill him.

Everyone except Gillian is happy about the end of the feud. It seems that the only place the two of them can coexist without wanting to kill each other is in bed. Adding fuel to the fire is the MacKennas' former leman and another laird who desires Gillian and her fortune. As they begin to come to terms with each other, outside influences keep tearing them apart. (Leisure, Mar., 360 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager