Image of Highland Warrior: A Novel (Campbell Trilogy)


Image of Highland Warrior: A Novel (Campbell Trilogy)

The excellence of McCarty's previous Highlander series continues in book one of the Campbell trilogy, which deals with the marriage of two people from feuding clans. She presents a unique insight into the concepts of loyalty, justice and love. Deep emotion and true love prove the Scots proverb "A law is not justice."

Caitrina Lamont's father is hosting the Highland gathering in hopes of finding a suitable husband for her and making an alliance that will reinforce the security of their clan. She doesn't realize that the lord who gave her aid prior to the games is Jamie Campbell, the Privy council's enforcer.

Although the two clans have been feuding for years, Jamie successfully arranges a marriage to Caitrina. Jamie has always equated justice with punishment; everything is right or wrong. Despite his and Caitrina's strong emotional bond, their marriage is far from solid, due to his rigidity. Only after saving her life does he begin to come to grips with his wife's attempts at coping with him. In a dramatic and surprising climax their love really does conquer all. (BALLANTINE, Feb., 400 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin