The hills of Scotland make a dramatic backdrop for this novel, and the characters are pleasing and well written. The hero is an alpha with a sense of humor and strong protective side who clashes with the smart-mouthed heroine, leading to very amusing dialogue. But some of the elements that move the story forward are simply ridiculous, and many are illogical or not fully explained. The plot is predictable, especially the surprise twists, making this book not Spear’s best.

American gray werewolf Elaine Hawthorn is trying to right a wrong that her pirate/privateer uncles committed 200 years ago. They stole a treasure — and she’s going to return it. Arriving in Scotland, she is involved in a car accident with a sexy Highlander wearing a kilt. Werewolf Cearnach MacNeill isn’t happy that Elaine practically ran him off the road. He is late to his friend’s wedding so he makes Elaine drive him over. A misunderstanding at the wedding lands Elaine in the middle of two feuding clans.(SOURCEBOOKS, May, 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak