Baron Robert MacBain does not relish the thought of wedding a Highland lass, yet when his betrothed spurns him, his brother arranges a marriage to MacInnes daughter.

Mairi MacInnes is looking forward to her wedding with some trepidation. She is immediately attracted to Robert, yet wonders how he can be kind one moment and rude the next.

When her father is killed during an attack by her ruthless cousin, Ranald, they obey her fathers dying wish and are wed. Keeping his promise, Robert takes Mairi away to his lowland home where she will be safe from Ranald. The task is getting her there alive.

The second task at hand is building a relationship. Head over heels in love with his wife, Robert feels he must prove his worth, but Mairi already loves him. His strength will be tested nonetheless, and Robert will do whatever he must to see Mairi safe.

Ms. Stone has penned a remarkably heartwarming tale that readers will relish. In creating the not so perfect hero, she has in truth created a man any woman would cherish. Laced with lovable and memorable characters, witty dialogue, humor and poignancy, THE HIGHLAND WIFE is a tale to savor. SENSUAL (Mar., 353 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor