An expert in Highland history and lore, Howell has a love for her subject that enhances this fast-paced story with wonderful characters. Readers will adore both the hero and heroine.

Declared an outlaw for murdering his wife, James Drummond has been hiding. But not it's time to stop running and oust Donnell MacKay from Dunncraig by uncovering the truth. He returns disguised as a master carver hired to work at Dunncraig. There, he meets Annora MacKay, Donnell's cousin and his daughter's caretaker, and is attracted to her. When Annora uncovers his identity, she vows to help James, and as the danger grows, so does their love.

When Annora is nearly raped, James goes into a rage, which forces them to run. But they're caught, James is thrown in the dungeon and Annora is beaten. Her love for James gives her the strength to go for help. But will there be enough time to save James? (Zebra, Jan., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager