When Tavish Graham finds a woman washed ashore near his brother James' castle, he brings her there to recuperate. As the granddaughter of Louis XIV and the unwilling betrothed of the English Duke of Rockingham, Sophie D'Alembert is reluctant to tell James her true identity.

James is instantly attracted to Sophie, and she slowly falls for him. Their mutual desire bursts into a heated night of passion, but his fiancée and Sophie's betrothed will do whatever they must to drive them apart.

This lusty, tension-filled romance perfectly fits the strong-willed characters' personalities. Coffman writes a purely romantic tale that captures the essence of the genre, and though the villains are stereotypical, the fast pace and heated story is compelling. Fans will not be disappointed, and will eagerly anticipate the next volume in this trilogy. SENSUAL (Nov., 438 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin