Image of A Highlander for Christmas


Image of A Highlander for Christmas

Blair pens another delightful, entertaining winner with lots of action and humor. An 18th-century Highlander meets a 21st-century antique dealer who brings him back to life with passionate results.

All Claire MacGregor wants for Christmas is peace and quiet from the neighborhood gang terrorizing her shop. What she gets is a naked Highlander who sets her heart racing in more ways than one. Sir Cameron MacLeod is stunned to find himself in the future. The last thing he remembers is getting ready for the battle at Culloden. He doesn't remember being "cursed" or locked in a puzzle box for 300 years. Now he is eager to return to his own time.

Claire would love to keep him but agrees to help get him back. A trip to the local witch proves fruitless. They must find another way to get Cam back home. Until they do, Claire has her hands full keeping Cam out of trouble, out of jail and in her bed. When at last they realize that Cam can't go back to his time, Claire will sacrifice it all to at least get him home. (Zebra, Oct., 380 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer