Image of A Highlander Christmas


Image of A Highlander Christmas

Just in time for the holidays comes this romantic, magical tale. Focusing on another of the seven MacKeage daughters, Chapman dishes up all the passion and tender love she's known for. No one is better than Chapman at tugging on the heartstrings and the funny bone!

After being rescued from a snowy mountain by the MacKeages, French rocket scientist Luke Pascal Renoir is feeling horribly guilty, especially when he learns that his intense e-mail exchanges with Dr. Camry MacKeage may have caused her to abandon her career and keep it a secret from her family. In atonement, Luke agrees to go to the Maine town where former NASA physicist Camry is working as a dog sitter.
All her life, Camry has tried to rely on science to avoid the magic that permeates her family's history. But magic, mystery and the MacKeages go together, as Luke and Camry are about to learn. (POCKET STAR, Nov., 334 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith