Fitting perfectly into Quinn’s Children of the Mist series, this short novella is brimming with colorful historical details, plenty of sensuality, danger and a well-crafted plot in a very short space. Quinn fills in areas of the MacGregor/Grant chronicles and utterly satisfies her fans.

The acclaimed bard of Camlochlin, Finlay Grant, has finally worked up the nerve to ask Leslie Harrison to marry him on the eve of the Christmas holiday. Leslie is ready to accept when her brothers announce they must all leave the Grant/MacGregor stronghold to return to Dumfries — where Leslie will marry a lord, Douglas. Leslie knows she must honor her brother’s wishes and help keep her family safe. But Finn will never let her go and follows, arriving to stand in for Douglas. He manages to trick Douglas, kidnap Leslie and prove Christmas miracles come to those with true love and loyalty. (FOREVER-ROMANCE.COM, dl $1.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin