Just in time for the holidays, Chapman delivers a touching and tender romance with a hint of magic. Add in a delightful canine character and you have a story that will brighten your heart. Chapman excels at featuring characters that face believable challenges, whether they’re physical or mental. A great way to spend your precious leisure time.

Jessie Pringle survived tragedy and terror, but both have left their mark. To cope with terrifying flashbacks, Jessie has a stalwart service dog named Toby. Toby can sense when Jessie is about to have a flashback and then warn her, so she can get somewhere safe. Wanting to start over completely, Jessie decides to move to the tiny Maine town of Pine Creek. Why she is drawn there, Jessie doesn’t know, but she quickly learns there is something magical about the town and its people. Ian MacKeage is immediately attracted to Jessie, but at first he doesn’t realize she is the “fairy princess” Druid wizard Roger de Keage told him about. But before Ian and Jessie can find true happiness, the mystery in Jessie’s past must be dealt with. (JOVE, Nov., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith