Image of Highlander Mine (Clan Mackenzie)


Image of Highlander Mine (Clan Mackenzie)

Miller continues her Clan Mackenzie series and brings readers straight into the story through first-person narrative, allowing them insight into the heroine, but leaving them to see the hero from one viewpoint. Some may find this alpha male a bit too arrogant, stiff and two-dimensional, which turns this into a nicely told, but ordinary, romance.

When her sister begs Amelia to take her nephew and flee the city’s gambling hell, she heads for the Highlands. As danger closes in, Amelia spins a tale of an attack by bandits to secure safe passage with the Mackenzie Clan. Laird Knox Mackenzie can’t help but notice her. It is not Amelia’s beauty that attracts the powerful leader, but her spirit. Their battle of wits draws them into temptation and irresistible desire. Knox makes it clear he will uncover the truth behind Amelia’s story. Amelia cannot resist Knox and will do whatever she can to protect her nephew and the Mackenzies — even if she must sacrifice herself. But will Knox allow her to destroy their future? (HQN, Feb., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin