Image of A Highlander Never Surrenders (The MacGregors)


Image of A Highlander Never Surrenders (The MacGregors)

Quinn uses her wit
and whimsy to develop memorable characters who steal your heart. Take a meticulously researched backdrop interwoven with real historical personages and you
have a romance that brings passion
and history to life.

In a time of great strife between Scotland and England, when loyalties are tested, Clare Stuart is held hostage by English General Monck while her rebel brother, Connor, is sniping at the British. During her imprisonment she hones her fighting skills, hoping to escape and join her brother.

Graham Grant is a warrior with no room for love in his life; he fights for Scotland alone. When he agrees to accompany his brother-in-law Robert Campbell, Earl of Argyll, a Royalist Scotsman, his life changes. After saving Claire from renegade British soldiers, they accompany each other to locate her brother. Though Claire fights her attraction for Graham, it's a losing battle. He's a man of honor who respects her sharp tongue and rapier wit. Yet, even after she's reunited with Connor, Graham must negotiate a truce and see Parliament reconvened to finally earn Claire's love. (Forever, Aug., 330 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin