Image of Highlander Unmasked: A Novel (Macleods of Skye)


Image of Highlander Unmasked: A Novel (Macleods of Skye)

McCarty's second Highlander romance secures her place as one of the year's finest newcomers. She brilliantly incorporates exciting historical events and personages into a sizzling love story complete with multifaceted characters and a compelling plot.

It's Meg Mackinnon's duty to marry the man best for her clan. She is on her way to Court when her retinue is attacked and she's rescued by a mysterious warrior.

After years away, Alex McLeod returns to Court on a secret mission to foil King James' plan to oust the clans from their ancestral isles. His mission cannot be compromised by his desire. But Meg is determined, and a kiss sets off a conflagration of emotions, and one night together seals their fate. Alex's secret work and Meg's life are endangered as the clans' enemies rise up to destroy their love and the security of the Highlands. (Ballantine, Sep., 404 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin