Image of The Highlander's Bride (Scottish Duo)


Image of The Highlander's Bride (Scottish Duo)

Cullen Langton, who first appeared
in Taken by the Storm, returns in this delightful tale. Fletcher has created
the ideal sassy, strong-willed heroine and the perfect adventure story for
this wounded hero. She beautifully evokes the rugged Highlands and
its lush history.

When his beloved Alaina dies in his arms, Cullen learns that he has a son. He heads for a convent deep in the Highlands where Sara McHern holds the key to his son's whereabouts.

Imprisoned in the nunnery by her father until she agrees to marry the man chosen for her, Sara sees Cullen as the answer to her prayer. She'll help him find his son if he marries her. Desperate to be reunited with his child, Cullen agrees, never expecting this fiery redhead to ignite his passion. As they travel cross-country to locate his son, love is unexpected, but their fight to escape the ruthless Earl of Balford's plans is not. Cullen has vowed revenge on the villain before he will truly yield his heart and be free. In a thrilling climax Cullen learns how deep Sara's love goes and how sweet revenge can be. (Avon, Jul., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin