Image of Highlander's Curse


Image of Highlander's Curse

In Mayhue’s latest Daughters of the Glen book, she demonstrates her amazing ability to create an enthralling and captivating romance replete with historical events, great emotional turmoil between the hero and heroine combined with a delicate touch of time travel and fae magic. A page-turner if there ever was one!

Colin MacAlister is a brash and impatient warrior who wants to learn the future outcome of a battle for Scots independence. Although fae, he has no use for magic. His disdain earns him the Faerie Queen’s curse and banishment to the future. The curse can only be broken by true love. Abigail Porter, an archeologist, has been awarded an internship to work on a Scots dig. She is dreaming of the perfect man when she awakens in bed with a 14th-century warrior. She’s even more surprised when an attempt is made on her life, and she agrees to flee to 14th-century Scotland with Colin. Colin develops great respect for Abby’s intelligence, strength and passionate nature, but he must return to the battle and rescue his friends from disaster. He leaves her with his family, where she’ll be safe. Unable to stand by and wait, Abby follows. After they are reunited and following great hardship and the growth of Abby’s fae powers, they acknowledge their need for one another. Is Abby Colin’s soul mate, the one to break the curse? (POCKET STAR, Apr., 373 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin