The Highlander's Desire is a Cinderella story with a Scottish twist, complete with the evil relations and the sort of magic that comes from true love. Though the plot may be tried and true, it’s the strong writing that sets Maguire’s tale apart — making this a winner for Highland romance fans.

Lachann Macmillan has no illusions about love since the day his beloved wed another. He’s planning to build a new life by marrying Lord Kilgorra’s daughter, Catriona, to gain the land he desires. Then, he spies a serving girl, Anna MacIver. Anna has been a servant in her uncle’s house since her mother’s death. She has no dreams of love and marriage, since she saw how it ruined her mother’s life. But Lachann’s arrival makes her long for something, and someone, else. As a relationship begins between them, jealousy and hatred is unleashed. They must find a way around their enemy to claim their freedom and a happily ever after. (AVON, Aug., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin