Image of The Highlander's Heart (Highlander, Book 2)


Image of The Highlander's Heart (Highlander, Book 2)

Forester continues her Highlander series with a delightful romp. With its large and wonderfully crafted cast of characters, a triple romance, colorful historical details and the mayhem and madness that ensues, the author entertains and amuses all.

Lady Isabelle Tynsdale is fleeing her husband near the Scottish border when she is rescued by David Campbell. When David realizes he has the enemy in his arms and that she’s more trouble than she’s worth he’s happy to leave her behind. But like a bad penny, Isabelle keeps turning up and finally David decides to hold her for ransom and brings her home. All Isabelle wants is to get to England, but she’s soon drawn into David’s large family.When she sees a chance for escape, Isabelle stays with the captor she’s come to love. With the tension of holding Isabelle captive, his sister’s kidnapping and his own betrothal to two woman, David is in over his head. To make matters worse he and Isabelle have fallen in love. As everything comes to a boil, the couple are caught up in political intrigues while everyone converges on the Campbell stronghold. (SOURCEBOOKS, Nov., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin