Mayhue's sixth Daughters of the Glen book is an enthralling page turner.
The hero's and heroine's emotional turmoil will pull you immediately into the story. The combination of plot, deeply emotional characters and ever-growing love is breathtaking.

Robert MacQuarrie, in honor of his protection of others, is transported to the future to be healed of his deadly wounds. Although happy to be alive, he is haunted by guilt for not having fulfilled a vow to protect his friend's daughter, Isabella.

When the fey need someone to go back in time, he gladly volunteers. Arriving 20 years after he left, Robbie discovers Isabella is a grown woman with faerie powers she does not understand. He attempts to rescue Isabella from an impending clan war, then his original wounds reappear, bringing him closer to death. She must find the courage to use her powers or lose the man she loves. Can love and a bit of magic conquer all? (POCKET, Feb., 323 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin