As a respected Highland laird, Derek Hardwicke knows it's his responsibility to marry childhood friend Megan MacPherson. But on a visit to London he meets Lady Roslyn Carmichael, who is in desperate need of rescuing from her vile stepbrother.

Though she's English and clearly not for him, Derek can't resist coming to her aid and sweeping her off to his castle.

But being Roslyn's protector is no simple matter. She is lovely and kind, and the attraction that ignites between them is unavoidable. Derek must keep Roslyn safe and convince his clan that she's the woman meant to be his bride.

Book three in the Pleasure Seekers series is another rousing, lively, action-packed read filled with the intense emotions and fascinating characters -- the kind of empowered heroines and dashing heroes we've come to expect from George. You'll be delighted and heartily satisfied with her latest. SENSUAL (Feb., 354 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin