Image of The Highlander's Stolen Touch


Image of The Highlander's Stolen Touch

The well-drawn atmosphere, as well as Brisbin’s fine storytelling and grasp of the social nuances of the era, are what lift this from an ordinary romance with a predictable, easy solution to one with a satisfying “happily ever after” ending.

Ciara Robertson has loved Tavis MacLerie since she was a child. She wept through his marriage to another and again when his wife died. After he has grieved, Ciara tells Tavis of her love, but he refuses her offer of marriage. A simple soldier in her father’s employ, he is far below her. Besides, he has vowed to never love again. Desolate Ciara agrees to a betrothal, and Tavis must escort her to her new home. The journey from the Highlands to Edinburgh, and their time in the Murray household, is a test of their determination to resist the sparks between them. As old family secrets are revealed, Ciara and Tavis’ desire leads to passion. However, she is still betrothed — unless there is a way out after they return home for the wedding. (HARLEQUIN, Sep., 284 pp., $6.25)
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Kathe Robin