Immortal Highland warrior Circenn Brodie places a curse on a flask containing the elixir of life. Whoever touches it will be transported to the 14th century. An elf adds to the curse that the person, innocent or guilty, must die.

When Lisa Stone accidentally touches the flask as she cleans the museum, the earth shakes and she is suddenly staring at an angry, hostilebut gorgeouswarrior.

Lisa is fascinated with Cirenn and his world. But she must return to help her mother through cancer treatment. There has to be a way to elude the curse, return home and keep the love she has found.

Unique and eloquent, filled with thought provoking and emotional elements THE HIGHLANDERS TOUCH is a very special book that combines time travel, immortality and elfin magic as well as timely health issues (a portion of the profits will be donated to cervical cancer research). Ms. Moning effortlessly secures her place as a top-notch writer. (Nov., 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin