Image of The Highwayman (Wicked Games, Silhouette Nocturne)


Image of The Highwayman (Wicked Games, Silhouette Nocturne)
THE HIGHWAYMAN (4) by Michele Hauf: When feline familiar Aby meets Maximilien Fitzroy, the highwayman who's killed countless familiars, she's sure one of her nine lives will be up. But before Max can kill her, he needs Aby's help to bridge the demon whose half shadow has been stuck in his body for 250 years, preventing him from eating, drinking and pursuing other earthly pleasures. When it turns out that Max needs the help of his former partner -- who possesses the other half of the demon's shadow -- he and Aby track him down, only to find him unwilling to relinquish his portion. A novel plot and lots of demon-fighting action make Hauf's tale a fun and interesting read. Aby and Max's budding relationship is quite tender, in spite of Max's initial desire to kill Aby.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay