Image of Hill Country Hero


Image of Hill Country Hero
HILL COUNTRY HERO (4) by Ann DeFee: Jake Culpepper can't decide if tackling CiCi Hurst was the worst mistake he ever made -- or the best thing that ever happened to him. He thought it was his cousin in the Road Runners mascot suit, but as penance for taking down the daughter of his football team's owner, Jake has to work a few weeks at Camp Touchdown, an outpost for inner-city kids, with Cici. Divorced from a football player, CiCi isn't about to trust another one with her heart, but it's sure hard to resist the oversized man with the soft heart who understands the kids she is trying to counsel. DeFee's fun, charming, sexy story and characters are ones readers will be happy to spend time with.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper