Image of Hillbilly Rockstar: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel


Image of Hillbilly Rockstar: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel

Country to his roots, Devin has a talent that soars. His music is his life until he’s corralled by Liberty in James’ latest winner. Their HEA follows Devin’s maturation beyond the trappings of fame, aided by Liberty’s solidarity and her own growth. Once again, James proves she’s a superstar in the genre.

Country music star Devin McClain has it all: success, women and booze. But there’s a downside. As threats and strange incidents escalate, Devin needs a bodyguard. The security agency he hires is the best, but their best is female, former Army and tough as nails. He is reluctant to have Liberty Masterson by his side 24/7 in the guise of his personal assistant, until he sees the woman beneath her tough exterior. Liberty plays it cool until she finally succumbs to their mutual attraction. Is Devin the only one thinking long term? (NAL, Aug., 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown