Leslie Charteris, celebrated creator of the adventure hero The Saint, is looking forward to journeying to America on the luxury airship The Hindenburg. This time aboard, while the craft is still elegantly appointed, there is a good deal of tension from the Nazi presence. Still, Charteris, like his convivial creation, is a bon vivant who finds joy and romance wherever he travels.

When a member of the government disappears from the craft, the powers that be ask Charteris to investigate. His research skills, combined with his natural charm, make it easy for him to question both passengers and crew. Charteris, up for any challenge, sets out to solve a crime in Saintly style!

THE HINDENBURG MURDERS is a captivating read, sure to tickle your fancy and capture your imagination. Collins has done an excellent job of researching the Hindenburg disaster and every person in the story actually was on the fatal voyage, except for Charteris. As a bonus, there are little treats for fans of the Saint. (Jun., 272 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg