War with the British and harsh conditions have reduced Clan MacInnes to just a few members. Having lost their lands to the treachery of their one-time Scots allies, they now face extinction unless their laird, Lady Jessalyn, marries.

With no choice from among her people, Jessalyns clansmen must look elsewhere for a prospective groom. They find him in the English Earl of Dared, Neil Claremont, a member of the Royal Corps of Engineers assigned to a project in the Highlands.

Neil makes his dislike of Scotland well known and lives for the day he can return to England. But his plans are ruined when he is kidnapped and brought to Jessalyn as her ideal husband.

How can a loyal subject of his majesty wed the kings enemy? The longer he stays with Jessalyn and her clansmen, the more he falls in love; not just with a beautiful woman, but with a courageous people and their glorious land.

Rebecca Hagan Lee captures the allure of Scotland through the eyes of her memorable characters. She balances fascinating historical details about the Corps of Engineers with humor from the elder clan members. Her gift for beautifully describing a time and place enables her to enchant readers. SENSUAL (Sep., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin