John W. Fines, Earl of Chatwin, can't believe that the little minx stole his horse. True, she did tell him she was in desperate need of a mount, but to be unhorsed by a chit? He's determined to unmask the audacious thief.

Catherine Reynolds is in London for the season, secretly searching for the father she has never known. Her only clue is a vague reference in her mother's diary.

It's inevitable that Catherine and John meet time and again. Their unusual first meeting sets off sparks that grow into a passionate fire when John agrees to help Catherine in the quest to find her father.

Witty dialogue, a gamble, a horse race, a hunt for three noblemen and a gossip columnist whose titillating tidbits have the ton's ear all combine in this delightful Regency romance that showcases Grey's ability to bring the wit of the era to life. A charmer for sure! SENSUAL (Sep., 300 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin