Image of Hired for the Boss's Bedroom


Image of Hired for the Boss's Bedroom
HIRED FOR THE BOSS’S BEDROOM (3) by Cathy Williams: Disillusioned by a past relationship, Heather has no qualms about telling her neighbor, workaholic Leo West, that he’s a lousy father. As a whimsical artist, Heather is Leo’s complete opposite, but the challenge of getting the curvaceous beauty into his bed is one he can’t resist. Heather’s an integral part of his son’s life, but having been burned by his ex-wife, Leo makes it clear their relationship will be based on lust alone. Passion smolders as Leo and Heather challenge each other’s beliefs on where their priorities should lie. The title is misleading and frequent interludes of character introspection slow down the pace, but three-dimensional characters with genuine chemistry make for a refreshing read.
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan