Image of Hired For The Boss's Bed


Image of Hired For The Boss's Bed
Serena Stephans is a lowly office worker in an Australian advertising agency when she catches the eye of owner David Myles in Robyn Grady's fun Hired for the Boss's Bed (4). When Serena is handed a large account, it arouses envy among the other employees, but it's the one-on-one attention that Serena gets from David that she most cherishes. After the campaign, as Serena starts thinking ahead to other clients and how she can help them, she realizes that David wants to clip her business wings and keep her tied to his side. Not happy, she gives David an ultimatum and is forced to leave him and the company, both of which she's come to love, in order to fulfill her business dream. Grady wonderfully captures feelings of love, envy, insecurity and ego in this terrific tale.
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Cindy Himler