Image of Hired: The Boss's Bride


Image of Hired: The Boss's Bride
Restoring his family's auction house to its former standing means businessman Mitch Hanover has to take a big risk -- and it comes in the form of Veronica Bing. It's not long before Mitch realizes his instincts regarding Veronica are spot-on; as advertised, she's a great auctioneer. Trouble is, Veronica's also the first woman Mitch has been attracted to since his wife's death. But even though Veronica has feelings for Mitch, she's not interested in getting serious -- or staying. Ally Blake's Hired: The Boss's Bride (4.5) is as breezy, sexy and warmhearted as its remarkable heroine, and its hero is pretty special too.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer