Image of Hired: Cinderella Chef


Image of Hired: Cinderella Chef

HIRED: CINDERELLA CHEF (4) by Myrna Mackenzie: Substituting for wealthy businessman Patrick Judson's regular chef complicates Darcy Parrish's life immeasurably. Disabled in an accident, Darcy prefers to stay in the background, but she can't refuse Patrick's request for help to secure the future of the group home where she lives. Along the way, Darcy falls for Patrick, but he's about to go on the world tour he's long dreamed of. Patrick doesn't realize his feelings for Darcy until it's almost too late. Though the plot is a bit slim, the depth of the characters and intensity of their emotion compensate for it nicely. Darcy, especially, is handled well.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer