Nobody does a western better than Smith. Hired Gun is about a man used to being alone and depending on no one and nothing but his wits and his gun. Finally he meets a woman who demands more of him as a man.

Trent Marshall is the best at tracking down killers and bringing them to justice, be they desperadoes, train robbers, murderers or renegade Indians. When Apaches kidnap a local girl, Trent knows it will take all his tracking skills and his fast draw to bring her back safely. What he does not anticipate is her older sister riding shotgun. Trent refuses to cut her any slack. If she doesn't keep up, she's on her own.

Faith is equally determined not to be left behind. From the first, Faith proves a mighty distraction, but Trent halts their passion before it consumes them and gets them into more danger. And it's not until after they prove successful that Trent can bare his heart and state his intentions.

But their newfound happiness is could be short-lived when a killer hunts down Trent and threatens his new family. (Leisure, Nov., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer