Don't be deterred by Rochelle's use of the familiar marriage-of-convenience convention. The main characters are well developed, and we see their growth as both overcome a tragedy that has closed them off to new relationships. Rochelle nicely charts the ups and downs of this new relationship and
how it grows from nothing to something strong and enduring.

Reno Sullivan works longer hours than necessary at his security company to avoid being home with his baby daughter, Lexie. A bad marriage and his wife's dying words that he's not Lexie's father have made it impossible for him to interact with the baby, even though he realizes Lexie is only an innocent child.

Reno turns to Sarah Madison, his efficient office manager. She is recovering from the death of her husband and has closed herself off to relationships by burying herself in her work. He asks her to marry him so that she can care for the baby. Sarah is stunned, but thinking she can never have children of her own, she says yes. The two soon realize their marriage of convenience may not be so convenient after all. As they discover feelings for each other, the road is difficult and painful, but it leads them down a path they never expected. (, dl $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers