Feeling as if he's stepped into a time warp, a big city businessman thinks the country Bed & Breakfast owner and her three perfectly mannered children are just what he and his three rambunctious boys need. But hiring her to move from a small town to L.A. could be quite a challenge. In HIS-AND-HERS FAMILY (4H), Bonnie K. Winn tells a heartwarming story full of values and family and sparks aplenty.

Accustomed to broken-down vehicles and paying her bills late, a student is thrilled to chuck it all and trade places with her best friend...the princess. Of course she wasn't ready for the kingly fianc that came with the switch. In PRINCESS IN DENIM (4), Jenna McKnight spins a tale with humor, romance and adventure in perfect blend.

An embittered woman is willing to do almost anything to save her family farm. Anything but get married. Her great-aunt is determined to see that she does just that when a MAIL ORDER COWBOY (3) with a very strange past shows up. Pamela Bauer's time travel is a charmer.

An undercover agent invents a fiance in order to keep the small town's female population at bay. When a teacher and her seven students show up snowbound at his front door, make-believe becomes reality in HOT CHOCOLATE HONEYMOON (2). Cathy Gillen Thacker delivers an interesting menagerie of characters, though the plot is thinly developed.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson