On their wedding day Lady Roselyn Grant jilted Sir Spencer Thornton and fled the church to marry another man. Now she is a widow, disowned by her family and living in poverty in a remote seaside estate.

Though it was an arranged marriage, Spencer was humiliated by Roselyns behavior. He is now the Queens agent, spying on the Spanish. After a fierce sea battle, he is washed ashore, and rescued by an angel, Roselyn.

When she discovers who he isby law, still her betrothedRoselyn hides her identity. As she discovers the kind of man he is, she comes to like him.

As Spencer recuperates he realizes who his mysterious nurse is. Though he must get to the Queen with information that will prevent him from being accused a traitor, he has enough time to see Roselyn pay for disgracing him all those years ago.

Thus begins a sensual game of cat and mouse as Roselyn and Spencer try to deny their growing attraction. Can love their replace fears and suspicion?

Gayle Callen paints a colorful portrait of both the era and the emotions warring between a delightful and dynamic couple. Skillfully blending poignancy and humor, she will enchant readers seeking excellent entertainment. SENSUAL (Jun., 372 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin