Image of His Black Sheep Bride (Silhouette Desire)


Image of His Black Sheep Bride (Silhouette Desire)
HIS BLACK SHEEP BRIDE (4) by Anna DePalo: It was one thing for Tamara Kincaid’s father to think he could give her away as part of a corporate sales package, but for Sawyer Langford, the 12th Earl of Melton, to believe that she will be his trophy wife so their corporations can merge is crazy. Sawyer is determined to annex her father’s company despite the fact that she is flamboyant and uncontrollable and offers up a short-term marriage of convenience. Then her father ups the ante; to blend the companies, Tamara has to become pregnant. Fortunately, wild plots peppered with zany, strong characters and sizzling sex make for a strong read under DePalo’s deft hand.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper